2011 Mom Expo at The Woodlands - February 25 & 26, 2011

Welcome to the official site for the Mom EXPO at The Woodlands.  Being a mom is a special bond shared between women.  This two day tradeshow will conclude our week long mom-a-thon, put together to bring moms together, to motivate, inspire, nurture, and reward women of young families as they travel through their journey we call "motherhood".


Our tradeshow will feature exhibitors with special interest items particularly for women, moms and children, with a special emphasis on newborns through Pre-K.  The event will host staged demonstrations, as well as workshops/lectures.  Bring the kids!  This is a mommy experience like no other.  Friday is our official "Toddler Day," as most lectures and demonstrations will appeal to moms with younger children.  Saturday is "Family Day" and will showcase content focused on school aged children and growing families.


Positive Affirmations will play a big role during our week long mom-a-thon.  Remember that motherhood is a role we take pride in, and we must remind ourselves often that what we do is valued, and it matters most to our children as well as ourselves.  Our 2011 Mom EXPO theme is "Affirmations of a Mother's Journey."


Browse this website, and visit it often, to find out more about our mission and for updated content on this highly anticipated event. what is binomo 


Mommy Group Spotlight

Spring Moms and Babes:  We are thrilled about the interest the community is showing in our organization. Last month, 15 new members joined our group, and we gained two new neighborhood sponsors. 

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Our Inspiration

Love is the inspiration.  To love what you do every day is what motivates one to succeed in whatever role you play in life.  As women, we need to find balance.  This event is motivated to do just that.


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