About Your Host

I have had the pleasurable and unique experience of forming a mommy group, where I've been fortunate to share my experiences with other women through both online and off-line interactions.  This group has been very near and dear to my heart, and because of my passion for continuing my bond with fellow moms, as well as devoting additional time with my daughter to social interaction, my momprener abilities modified my media business to add a mommy marketing division.  Why?  Because I love what I do.  I pair moms with their needs, and businesses who target moms, with theirs.    It's a very satisfying role in my journey.


The reason for coordinating this EXPO, is because as a mommy group organizer, I've been inspired by our moms who ask questions about their journey of motherhood and look upon other moms for advise and comfort when they don't know if what they're doing is right.  Some are more confident than others, but most of us first time moms experience uncertainty in our abilities as a new parent, and sometimes just need reassurance and seek compassion during times of doubt.  This is also why I've chosen the theme of our first Mom EXPO to be Affirmations of A Mother's Journey.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that what we do is important, and we do matter every day as we raise our children.


Lori Carrese

Principal, Woodlands Media Solutions


Our Week Long Mom-A-Thon schedule is coming soon.


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